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What To Expect At Your Vein Screening

A nervous fluttering in your stomach or a general sense of worry are relatively normal reactions to scheduling a medical appointment for some patients, even in situations where they’re visiting their long-trusted doctor or attending a routine check-up.

We understand this — and we want to help ease any concern you may feel about scheduling a free vein screening with our team.

And one way to help you battle any lingering nerves is to empower you with knowledge! That’s why, below, you’ll find an outline of what to expect before and during your screening process here at Ponte Vedra Vein Institute:

Before Your Visit

To ensure proper sign-in procedures and to allow you enough time to complete any medical forms and documents, please expect to arrive approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Otherwise, for a vein screening, you’ll want to be sure to wear shorts so that we may easily access the veins on your legs for the ultrasound procedure. Patients who do not wear shorts or are coming in for a screening somewhere else on their body may be asked to disrobe and change into disposable clothing so that our staff may properly assess the area(s) in question.

Your Screening In Three Steps

Step One: Upon the beginning of your screening, you can expect to sit down with our staff to discuss your symptoms or areas of pain, your medical history, and any factors that may contribute to your current venous status.

Step Two: We will conduct a brief screening ultrasound scan so that we may assess your vein health and identify areas that may require further attention.

Step Three: If areas of venous reflux are identified, we will discuss your treatment options with you, as well as assist you in scheduling your next appointment.

Other Considerations

If you’re seeking to schedule your free vein screening, we ask that you please consider scheduling approximately two weeks in advance. While some patients hope to schedule same-day appointments, we are often booked ahead of time and cannot always accommodate immediate appointment requests.

Additionally, we require patients to provide us with a 24-hour notice if they need to reschedule or cancel their appointment.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step and begin the journey toward optimized vein health, it’s time to contact Ponte Vedra Vein Institute! We offer the newest state-of-the-art techniques in the treatment of venous diseases, as well as skillful and compassionate one-on-one care for each patient.

Our patients are our passion — Find out for yourself when you call (904) 280-0600 to schedule your appointment!