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VenaSeal™ for Varicose Veins

Here at the Ponte Vedra Vein Institute, we offer some of the newest and safest treatment options for a wide variety of vein disorders, such as spider veins and varicose veins (yes, there is a difference) as well as aesthetic procedures like Botox®, microdermabrasion and platelet rich plasma treatments. Our clients often have questions about how various treatments work as well as what treatments are best for them.

One of the treatments we utilize to address chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins is VenaSeal™, a treatment the FDA found to be a safe and effective option for removing superficial varicose veins. The VenaSeal™ closure system is the only non-tumescent, non-thermal, non-sclerosant procedure that uses a proprietary medical adhesive delivered endovenously to close the vein. VenaSeal™ is administered without the use of tumescent anesthesia, helping the patient avoid the discomfort associated with multiple needle sticks. Basically, this is “vein glue” and we are the first to offer this treatment in Jacksonville. This treatment is now covered by Medicare.

How does VenaSeal™ work? Well, first our staff will perform an ultrasound to evaluate for venous insufficiency and map veins to be treated. Since not all damaged veins are clearly visible through the skin, performing an ultrasound allows for a more thorough diagnosis and a more efficient and complete treatment.

Once our doctor has looked at the results of the ultrasound and processed the information, a local anesthetic will be administered that will numb the treatment area. Our doctor will then proceed to insert a catheter into the damaged veins and begin injecting a uniquely designed glue. This glue will seal up damaged veins, which will prevent your blood from flowing through those veins in the future. This process of emptying and preventing future blood flow through these previously damaged veins helps reduce unsightly varicose veins.

For more information on this revolutionary procedure, contact our staff at the Ponte Vedra Vein Institute today to set up a consultation.