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Stem Cell Therapy

If you suffer from persistent muscle and joint pain caused by inflamed tendons or injury, stem cell and PRP therapy is right for you. If chronic muscle and joint pain affect your shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, shins, or feet it can be treated effectively without surgery or addictive painkillers. Get rid of your tennis elbow, heal your plantar fasciitis, help your knee pain or Golfer’s elbow, be pain-free in as little as 30 minutes. Since there is no surgery involved the only restriction needed is to abstain from physical exertion at least 48 hours after treatment.

Stem Cell and PRP therapy is right for you:

  • Pain relief from a chronic injury
  • Arthritic Pain (Shoulder, Elbow, Knees, Hips and Feet)
  • Accelerating the recovery of muscle tears.
  • If you’re an athlete and wish to get back to your sport as soon as possible.
  • Avoiding surgery
  • Plantar Fasciitis

What Are Stem Cells?

In our office, we use Adult stem cells as well as amniotic stem cells to heal your body. Additional stem cells are harvested from either your own fat tissue or bone marrow.

Stem cells have a unique ability, which is why they can help injuries heal. A stem cell has the capability to turn into other types of cells, and also, the ability to self-renew. In other words, when there is an injury to the joint, to the tendons, muscles, or ligaments, stem cells can turn into any one of these types of tissue, creating new healthy tissue and continually create more of the same new tissue.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

We are all born with Stem Cells, which are cells that can repair, recover and reboot your system anywhere in the body. They have many functions including transforming themselves into different types of new healthy tissue that the body needs at any given time. During an injury, where there is pain, the damaged tissue is repaired by sending new cells, growth factors and inflammation to heal and replace damaged tissue with healthy tissue. Stem cells placed in a damaged area such as injuries or hair loss with accelerate the repair process due to the concentration of repair cells in one location.

During the Stem Cell injection procedure, Dr. Deacon-Casey adds a concentrated dose of stem cells to the injured area giving the body that jump start as well as additional healthy cells to heal the injury. Damaged tissue is largely restored and new tissue helps to stop pain, create increased mobility, regrow hair or improved skin with a new glow.

Stem Cell Therapy is approximately a 1-hour procedure, is safe, and offers the opportunity to heal or partially heal severe medical conditions and injury without the invasiveness, risks, and long-term rehabilitation of surgery.

There are no guarantees to the effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy, however it has been used for centuries in medical procedures and has a proven track record to help in the recovery of certain acute or chronic medical condition and sometimes prevent the need for surgery altogether. Call our office today at (904) 280-0600 and schedule an appointment!

What is Treatment Like?

Stem Cell Therapy begins with an in-person or on-line consultation with one of our specialists to determine if you are a candidate for Stem Cell therapy. Your complete medical history id reviewed by a physician. All available previous testing including x-rays, CT, US and MRI’s are reviewed by Dr. Deacon-Casey. If indicated, new x-rays and/or MRI’s may be ordered. Once determined that you are a candidate for Stem Cell therapy you can be on your way to a pain-free life.

This treatment aligns with your body’s natural healing process and as such, it may take some time before you begin to see improvement. The tissue takes approximately 2-3 months to repair itself but many patients note decreased pain and a change in their condition within a few weeks.