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PRP for Rehabilitation

PRP can be injected into areas with injuries, most commonly seen in athletes. It improves the healing process in tendons, ligaments, and muscles. PRP has been most effective on chronic tendon injuries, like tennis elbow. Other injuries that it can improve include hamstring injuries, knee sprains, and achilles tendonitis. It has even shown to improve arthritis in the knee. It can also be used after surgery to help the tissues heal.

PRP for Rejuvination and Restoration

How stem cells and PRP work well together

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is quickly becoming the go-to formula when it comes to treating joint or tissue damage, to help promote accelerated healing. This cutting edge process involves having your own blood drawn in-office, your platelets are then separated from your other blood cells. Then, to increase the concentration of the platelets, they are put through a process called centrifugation. This newly increased concentration is then combined back with your remaining blood, aiding in the regeneration process of healthy new cells. PRP is a very effective treatment, and science is beginning to discover that when combined with stem cells, the results are even more impactful. Stem cells are impressive due to their ability to grow into whatever you need them to be. There are two main sources where we can collect your own stem cells, and each location has its own built-in code and growth potential. Stem cells derived from bone marrow, have the ability to produce cartilage, and these are typically used in treating arthritic conditions and sports injuries. Stem cells derived from fat tissue are the ones typically combined with platelets to heal an osteoarthritic joint, by helping to regrow cartilage in the injection area.

The process of combining PRP along with stem cells is designed to treat the entire joint, as opposed to a single area plagued by injury where simple tissue regeneration is adequate for healing. They work in combination with one another through regenerative medicine by creating an environment where the platelets provide the information the stem cells need in order to help stimulate proper and effective regrowth of cells. By combining these two procedures, they work in conjunction with one another to boost the healing properties of one’s own body, with the stimulation of healthy tissue growth, exactly where treatment and regrowth are necessary, without the use of surgery.

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