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Tinting is the dyeing of your lashes or brows to make them look darker and fuller. With our variety of tint choices, you have the option of choose which color works best for you.

How does tinting work?

The area around your eyelashes or eyebrows will be cleansed and covered with vaseline in order to keep the skin protected. The tint will then be applied and left on for several minutes with additional coats applied depending on the strength of the color you choose. Afterward, the area will again be cleansed. You are allowed to wear makeup immediately following your appointment.

How long does tinting last?

Tinting lasts for approximately 3 to 4 weeks on average.

Who is an ideal candidate for tinting?

Typically, people with lighter eyelashes and eyebrows are ideal for tinting, as well as people who have hair that has begun to go white or gray.

Is eyebrow and eyelash tinting safe?

Yes. The tinting process is achieved with a gentle stain or solution as opposed to traditional hair dyes, which are too harsh to be applied to sensitive areas around the eyes.

How do I prepare for my tinting appointment?

Be sure to not to wear any makeup to your appointment. Beyond that, no preparation is necessary!