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Restore Your Skin With IPL Treatments

Here at Ponte Vedra Vein Institute, we use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for a variety of treatments. In fact, IPL is capable of alleviating multiple dermatological conditions, as treatment involves various wavelengths of broad-spectrum light. These energy pulses involve minimal discomfort and are also safe, effective, and can be applied to most skin types.

Not only does this form of treatment yield immediate, dramatic results, but you’ll also undergo little to no downtime following your session.

Age Spots

Age spots can be easily removed with the help of laser and IPL treatments. Age spots and other forms of age-related discolorations are specifically targeted and removed at the surface level, evening out your complexion with few side effects and minimal discomfort.

Skin Tone and Texture

Outer skin damage such as sun spots, scars, wrinkles, fine lines, or other difficult to remove blemishes are reduced—if not erased—thanks to Erbium Yag laser skin resurfacing. This treatment will remove surface-level pigmentation issues, as well as mild to moderate lines and wrinkles in a variety of spots on your body.

Tattoo Removal

By using “Gold Standard” Q-Switched technology, we are able to eliminate your unwanted tattoos and break down the very ink that makes up your old body art. Thanks to the Q-Switched Yag laser, a dual wavelength laser is able to target ink and make it weak enough that your body’s immune system takes care of the rest, flushing away any remaining particles. The Q-Switched Yag laser has been a top choice for laser tattoo removal for over 20 years.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to any hair you want to say goodbye to once and for all. Laser hair removal effectively destroys hair follicles over a series of sessions during your body’s natural growth period, rendering your hair unlikely to ever grow back. It is safe on all skin types and features built-in contact cooling to make the procedure more comfortable.

Spider Veins

It doesn’t take an intensive and invasive surgical procedure to help reduce the appearance of spider veins and other lesions of the skin that appear with time and age. If you’re looking to remove the small clusters of darkly colored veins on any area of your body, consider using laser/IPL treatments to even out your skin’s pigmentation. By targeting and heating unwanted blood vessels, the IPL treatment effectively collapses the vessels safely, evening out your skin’s appearance.