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Seeking Summer Sun (Protection): How To Stay Safe

We hear you out there, snapping open your beach towel and popping back the lid to your favorite frozen beverage.

And as you brave the summer heat to take advantage of the best the First Coast has to offer, we have no doubt you’re staying hydrated, eating the best sweet and salty snacks, and pulling back out your most stylish oversized sunglasses.

But we have to wonder — in the effort to pursue your seasonal relaxation endeavors, how much attention are you paying to your skin?

As you seek out the best waterside spot to claim as your own, we want to encourage you to return to the holy grail of summer skin care products: sunscreen.

Back to Basics: The Importance of Sunscreen

When it comes to the numerous ways sun exposure may wreak havoc on your youthful complexion, you should be aware that there are two variations of ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths that may come into play:

  • Ultraviolet A — otherwise known as UVA — is the wavelength known for activating the skin’s melanocytes, thereby leading to melanoma in cases of prolonged overexposure.
  • Ultraviolet B, or UVB, is the more widely known ultraviolet variation, as it is responsible for causing sunburns.

But regardless of their differences, studies reveal that both forms of UV rays act as “complete carcinogens,” seeing as they effectively mutate and damage your skin at the cellular level, thereby increasing your risk for contracting skin cancer.

And that’s where sunscreen comes in.

Yale Scientific explains that sunscreen “works by blocking and absorbing UV rays through a combination of physical and chemical particles,” thus slashing through and mitigating the blunt impact sun exposure may have on your overall skin health and longevity.

In particular, broad-spectrum sunscreen (the likes of which defend against both UVA and UVB rays) remains a necessary fixture in your summer skincare resources.

Using Sunscreen Properly

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the best time to wear sunscreen …  is every day. But you don’t necessarily want to just slap some on the moment you hit the sandy Florida shores.

“The best practice is to apply 30 minutes before venturing outside to allow the sunscreen to bind to your skin,” the Foundation explains. “Reapply every two hours and immediately after swimming or excessive sweating.”

Additionally, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends that you don’t just seek out broad-spectrum coverage, but also products that are labeled as waterproof and SPF 30 or higher. The higher the SPF rating, the longer it will take for your skin to be damaged by the sun.

Finally, be aware that cosmetic items marketed with an SPF factor are not a substitute for proper sunscreen. While they provide a small boost to your protection, you should still be combining those products with full-coverage sunscreen.

That being said, Ponte Vedra Vein Institute doesn’t just provide a variety of wellness and aesthetic services to help enhance and optimize your skin — we also carry a variety of protective products and offer an arsenal of answers for those seeking more information on how to stay safe in the summer sunshine!

In short, you don’t have to feel the burn. Instead, contact Ponte Vedra Vein Institute today by calling (904) 280-0600 and schedule an appointment! Our patients are our passion, and we look forward to keeping you happy and healthy through even the hottest of the upcoming months.