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Our Newest Capability: Telemedicine Appointments

We may be temporarily closed to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), but that does not mean we cannot attend to our patients. In fact, Ponte Vedra Vein Institute will now launch one of its most innovative and accessible services yet: telemedicine appointments!

This way, not only can we continue to consult and provide answers for patients at a distance, but we may also do so in a way that promotes and enhances current social distancing guidelines as recommended by the CDC.

How Do Telemed Appointments Work?

Offered through our web portal, telemed appointments enable our staff to consult with patients from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Upon scheduling an appointment, patients will first receive a confirmation and appointment questionnaire via email or text.

Calendar appointments will then be completed over virtual video chat, where staff and patients may interact one-on-one to address any concerns or symptoms they may have, such as leg pain, aching, swelling, and more.

Patients will also have the capability to upload photos so that the staff member can see the area in question and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan and follow-up. This may involve evaluations, ultrasounds, and more upon the patient’s next visit.

Who Should Schedule A Telemed Appointment?

New and continuing patients alike may schedule telemed appointments with Ponte Vedra Vein Institute.

Additionally, patients who are temporarily away from the local area or experiencing mobility-related challenges may find our telemed appointments better suited to their immediate needs.

Are Telemed Appointments Only Available For Medical-Related Issues?

No. While many of our vein patients may prefer to schedule telemed appointments as a means of addressing their pain or discomfort while practicing social distancing, we also invite our aesthetic patients to schedule an appointment!

During our appointment, we can answer all of your skin-related questions, as well as discuss your fine lines and wrinkles to determine the best dermal filler or skin treatment for you.

If you are ready to schedule your telemed appointment, or if you have further questions about what services we may offer you at this time, please contact us today at 904-280-0600! Our patients are our passion, and we look forward to providing you with optimal care that satisfies your health concerns.