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How Varithena® Is Helping Varicose Veins Become A Thing Of The Past

From persistent leg pain to the nagging sense of insecurity you may feel wearing shorts, varicose veins have the ability to negatively impact your life and self-esteem. Particularly if they’ve gotten worse with time, or if they’ve simply not gone away even after you’ve attempted to treat them in the past, this condition can impede your ability to function on a regular basis.

But that’s why Ponte Vedra Vein Institute is now providing Varithena® — a revolutionary and clinically-proven means of treating diseased veins.

What Is Varithena®?

Approved by the FDA in 2013, Varithena® is an injectable microfoam sclerosant used to treat and eliminate varicose veins.

In other words, it is a medical drug designed to safely and clinically collapse diseased veins, thereby rerouting blood flow to healthier veins and improving a patient’s overall circulatory function and venous appearance.

Varithena® is reportedly lauded in the medical community for its advancement in sclerosant technology, as it is the first microfoam agent of its kind to achieve (and effectively replace) similarly functioning liquid sclerosants as a result of its unique physiochemical properties.

How Does Varithena® Work?

When injected, Varithena®’s microfoam particles interact with the diseased vein to stimulate irritation and prompt the vein wall to collapse. As the vein collapses, the microfoam is pushed out and distributed throughout nearby veins.

As it flows through the immediate venous system, it collapses similarly diseased veins. When the microfoam reaches healthy veins, however, it simply deactivates and dissolves into the bloodstream so as not to damage surrounding tissues that are already functioning optimally.

Studies show that Varithena® also provides relatively immediate relief from the symptoms of varicose veins.

What Else Should I Expect From the Treatment?

For one, Varithena® is capable of treating a variety of diseased veins in the leg, both above and below the knee. Regardless of the size of the vein or whether or not you have attempted to have it medically treated in the past, Varithena® can help.

When you show up for your Varithena® treatment with Ponte Vedra Vein Institute, you can expect that your physician will first map out the diseased area of your leg using ultrasound technology. They will then continue to use ultrasound as a means of monitoring and guiding the procedure when they inject the Varithena®  microfoam.

Following your procedure, you will be provided with a compression stocking for the treated leg.


If you have further questions about Varithena® or are ready to schedule your FREE consultation, contact Ponte Vedra Vein Institute today by calling (904) 280-0600! Here, our patients are our passion, and we look forward to helping you find the comfort and relief you have long sought after!