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Diabetes & Vein Compromise

If you are diagnosed with type one or type two diabetes, high blood glucose levels or hyperglycemia is a typical concern. High blood sugar can lead to further complications related to blood vessel damage which can lead to the damage of organs, especially those surrounding the heart and the eyes. It is important to note that blood vessels are the avenue in which insulin travels through your body.

These issues can lead to severe medical issues surrounding the legs and feet that actively affect everyday life.

  • Advanced glycation end products (AGE’s) have been studied by medical professionals and are believed to be involved in the damage that is sustained by blood vessels as a result of fats and proteins that have become glycated through exposure to glucose. This is seen more commonly in individuals who struggle with diabetic complications.
  • Atherosclerosis: Glucose build up in the bloodstream caused by its incorrect processing as a result of diabetes. It can restrict blood flow to the legs and feet. If left untreated, these deposits can accumulate and block blood flow which will cause blood vessels to harden.
  • Diabetic neuropathy: Nerve damage seen as a result of diabetes that cause pain and numbness in legs and feet. Other symptoms may be increased sensitivity to touch, muscle weakness, and loss of coordination.

Efforts to reverse the effect of compromised veins:

  • Doctors have begun to replace veins overrun by diabetes with healthy veins to promote the restoration of circulation. The goal of this is to avoid limb amputation and restore vein function.
  • It is important to monitor any sores that open up, especially on your feet. These can act as a gateway to bacteria that can slip into your bloodstream and grow rapidly, leading to the destruction of the foot. Nerve loss from prior diabetic damage may prevent your body from indicating vital warning signs that there is an issue so making a routine of examining your feet is a great idea.


If all of this is freaking you out, preventative measures can be taken to slow the effects of diabetes. Don’t hesitate.  Immediate action is best when you begin to control your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.  And remember, always listen to your body!