Circulatory issues can draw out or even prevent the healing of wounds.

External trauma that breaks the skin, leads to fluid leaking from the wound because of the existing inflammation due to a variety of vein conditions. Proper care is especially important when dealing with lower extremity wounds, where poor circulation can act as an impediment to the healing process. If you are aware of a circulation problem or are noticing a wound that is not healing in a timely manner, you should be on the lookout for peripheral arterial disease (PAD) which is a result of plaque buildup in the artery limiting the oxygen flow to the body. Another condition to be aware of, which leads to constricted blood flow, is venous insufficiency. This condition inhibits the blood from circulating properly, causing it to leak backwards through the veins’ one-way valves. If the valves are damaged, constricted or forced to remain open due to swelling, it could ultimately allow the continuation of fluid to leak through open wounds. This continued leakage makes it very difficult for the wound close and heal.

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