Hand Veins

Hand veins are normal veins which simply appear prominent, like those on the top of the feet and are not truly considered “varicose veins”. They appear especially large when the hand is allowed to rest lower than the heart (down by your side). They can appear similar to bulging veins in the legs. Hand veins are often used for intravenous access, however they are considered poor choices for the purposes of IV lines or for taking blood samples and are not appropriate for emergency use. Prominent hand veins may be treated with sclerotherapy injections or phlebectomy (surgical removal). We usually do not treat veins that are located above the wrist.

Breast Veins

Prominent chest or breast veins are usually not considered diseased. Patients often seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. The preferred treatment for chest, breast or hand veins conventional sclerotherapy. This type of treatment avoids the higher costs, risks, and scars from surgery. The procedure is usually performed in 1-2 sessions with significant improvement in the size and appearance of these veins over time. This is considered far superior to camouflage techniques such as temporary fillers or fat transfers.

All medical treatments are covered by insurance including Medicare.

If you have prominent and unsightly hand, breast or chest veins and are unhappy with the way you look then:

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