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Compression Stockings Benefits

When struggling with varicose and spider veins, compression stockings are a handy reactive measure to help prevent their progression and lessen painful symptoms. These medicinal stockings prevent venous blood pooling and blood clots. The technical term for these vein issues would be venous hypertension. This is when blood leaks downward due to leaky one way valves and causes adverse health issues, typically in the legs and ankles.  Sometimes compression stockings are provided by your insurance company or prescription plan so it is a good idea to look into what you are entitled to when starting research on which compression stockings are best for you!

Immediate Benefits:

  • Decrease in swelling: When you are inactive or recovering from a surgery, blood in your veins may be more likely to pool. If proactive measures aren’t taken to prevent the pooling, additional leg swelling may occur. Luckily, compression stockings gently squeeze the leg to regulate blood flow. Starting at the tightest point near the ankle and getting looser as they ascend, compression gear actually reverses the effects of gravity and helps circulation of blood in your legs.
  • Reduction of total vein volume: Typically, the higher in volume your veins are, the higher the pressure is. Therefore, any decrease in volume will be beneficial to your circulatory health.


Long Term Benefits:

  • Slowing progression: Compression stockings can slow the progression of varicose veins. However, it is important to note that further treatment is necessary to completely remove them.
  • Conservative therapy: The overall action of using compression stockings is a great preventative measure you can take to avoid invasive procedures. Prolonging the need for procedures can save you valuable money that you can spend on other things that you enjoy!
  • Improved quality of life: Often chronic venous insufficiency results in a decrease in an individual’s mobility, ability to work and everyday social life. Being proactive and using compression stockings can extend overall satisfaction an individual feels when going about their day.